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Ecological Print

As we grow up, dreams change and goals change. Maturing and becoming "great" means becoming aware and assuming the responsibilities of our daily actions.

For this reason Grafinvest EcoTypography, since 2008, it has implemented a policy aimed at developing a sustainable business model in harmony with the environment.

Print recycled paper

Our goal is to offer customers communication tools with a low environmental impact without compromising in any way the quality of the printout nor without having to increase costs.

However, the relationship with people remains at the center of all this, the human dimension has always represented for Grafinvest EcoTypography an essential point of one's being and one's existence.

Grafinvest EcoTipografia is specialized in the printing of:

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Grafinvest EcoTipografia is the ecological typography that provides an ecological offset and digital printing service online even on large format. Printing always generates an impact on the environment, paying attention to the entire production phase we have obtained excellent results in reducing polluting factors thanks to our low-impact ambient environment, the use of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity and insulated environments. To respect the environment, Grafinvest EcoTipografia uses only recycled paper: FSC certified® by purchasing a certified product you will know that the company that produces / sells is subject to controls that guarantee the veracity of your respect for the environment.