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Who we are

A natural dream ...


Grafinvest was born in 1995 and, with commitment, dedication, seriousness and a lot of work, it grows naturally and in a balanced way.

From a sole proprietorship it turns in 2009 into Grafinvest srl to guarantee, also from a financial point of view, to all its stakeholders, the utmost serenity and reliability.

We like to consider ourselves a young company, with young people, some more or some "with more spirit", but in any case with years of qualification, made up of educational training in the sector and the experience gained in various printing companies.





The first to believe in the dream.

Serena Calabria: Administrative Manager. To give value to dreams.
Caterina Crippa: Graphic Designer. To lay out your wishes.
Andrea Frassine: Web Designer. To make your dreams come true On-Line.
Marco Borsa: Printer. The first to believe in the dream.
Giancarlo Sonzogni: Printer. Work is his passion.
Giuseppe D'Ascoli: Printer and Finisher.
Luigi D'Ascoli: Printer and Finisher.
Sonia Lussana: Head of bookbinding and quality control.