1 Lavorazioni Speciali - Grafinvest EcoTipografia

Special processing


By embellishing the print we mean all those finishes and processes aimed at instilling preciousness, character, refinement, to the print.

Shapes, special materials, study of colors, metallic effects, refined surfaces, attention to detail are the main features.

The paper comes out of the "standard", it is no longer just an information and communication tool but becomes an instrument of pleasure, capturing and involving the 5 senses.

From the satisfaction of sight, thanks to colors and special effects, metallic, pearlescent, glitter, glossy or opaque paints, we have moved on to the olfactory stimulus, even infusing essences and perfumes into the print, with the aim of remaining etched in the memory.

No less important is the tactile contact with the paper, embossed surfaces, hot stamping, very soft textures, velvet effects, flocked prints.


Ecological / Glossy / Matte / Anti-scratch matt / Soft-Touch Embossed / Canvas / Metallic / Oleographic. Ideal for protecting and waterproofing the printout; makes it more rigid, resistant and long lasting. Depending on the type of lamination, particular effects can be obtained, with total or partial coverage of the print.


UV varnishes / Screen printing / Thickened / Perfumed / Glossy / Opaque The varnish, born as a protection of the printed material, reveals a strong aesthetic potential, to enrich commercial graphic products or packaging with style and imagination, playing with the contrast of glossy on matt or vice versa .


Hot foil in Gold / Silver / Copper / Oleographic / Metallic Colors. It gives the print elegance and refinement; often used in the cosmetic and luxury sectors and for packaging of high-end products, where the finishing of the print is used to give added value to the product.


It allows to obtain embossed, relief or recessed effects, very refined and pleasant to the touch. It is often used in the arts, publishing, packaging and braille printing.


Used for the production of scratch cards, scratch and park tickets, scratch cards, postcards for prize competitions and company promotions. A removable screen printing ink is used.