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Eco-friendly inks




Grafinvest Ecotipografia has followed rigorous criteria in the choice of raw materials not only in accordance with the technical evaluations but also taking into account the toxicological and environmental aspects, and avoiding, as far as possible, dangerous substances.

Basically it can be said that most of the offset inks used by Grafinvest Ultrasound contain materials of plant origin.

For example, their composition includes rosin, a resin of vegetable origin, such as soybean and linseed oils, as such or chemically modified, or as alkyd resins or esters of fatty acids, also derived from raw materials of origin vegetable.

Our environmentally friendly printing inks belong to the following series:

  • Novastar F 908 Bio
  • Novastar F 912
  • Magic Bio Novavit F 910
  • Sprint Bio Novavit F 918
  • Supreme Bio

These inks are not dangerous in accordance with the European legislation that regulates the preparations (Directive on Dangerous Preparations 1999/45 and subsequent updates) and therefore they do not contain components classified as toxic, harmful, irritating or flammable.

The manufacturer of our inks is part of the European Association of Printing Inks Manufacturers (EuPIA), its products comply with the EuPIA Exclusion List, which also excludes from our products carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances, heavy metals, or substances for which trade exists a restriction.

ECO-SOL MAX 3, the new generation of certified inks Greenguard Gold.

e188c380-68dd-456e-beca-c591491699b1ECO-SOL MAX3 I'm Greenguard Gold certificates because they respect the standards on low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) for indoor use. It is not needed use a ventilation system or other special precautions. In addition, the applications created with the ECO-SOL MAX3 can be used in environments like schools is hospitals.