1 FSC certificazione ambientale - EcoTipografia




For the most virtuous customers and attentive to environmental protection Grafinvest is able to provide printed matter ClimateNeutral, printed matter that have virtually no impact on the environment because the CO2 emissions emitted in production are offset through projects (certified by a third party) for reforestation and / or protection of wooded areas in developing countries.

Grafinvest is the first graphic company in Italy (in Germany there are already over 100 companies that use it) to have adopted the ClimatePartner software to calculate the Carbon Footprint of each print. In fact, by entering the data of the order (quantity, type of paper, printing colors, setting up, delivery ...) the software calculates the CO2 emissions generated to produce the order itself.

Through the logo ClimateNeutral, and the relative certificate attesting to the compensation, the Customer can testify his environmental commitment.

View the certificate issued to Grafinvest Srl for the printing of his monograph