1 Biglietti da visita carta ecologica con rilievo a secco stampa carta riciclata treviolo

Embossed business cards

Perfect business cards, full color printing on 1 side or front and back.
Choose whether in Coated FSC, Splendorgel *, 350 g recycled 100% paper or precious special papers.

The dry relief processing will be carried out only on the front!

It is recommended not to overprint on the back of the processing.

    FSC-certified coated paper with high whiteness. High color rendering ensures high quality image reproduction and sharp text.

    Extremely white natural paper of superior quality with smooth and velvety surface, faithful in printing with high quality.

    100% Ecolabel certified recycled paper, 100% with the environment, rough hand, natural tone, slightly gray, with excellent color rendering, without the use of optical brighteners or chlorine.

    * Ecological bioplastic, maximizes the contrast between the ticket and the glossy hot stamping. It also protects the ticket and makes it more rigid.

    For the same business card subject we can arrange a print version with different names.

    We send you a processed and checked PDF for your verification

    By purchasing (€ 5.00) operator verification of your files you will receive:
    - graphic check on safety margins
    - check the distance of the graphic elements from the edge
    - verification of the orientation of the front and back
    - PDF verification for magazines and catalogs: spine size, number of pages, cover file
    - check of the correct graphic setting in case of creases

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Ecological paper business cards printed Treviolo recycled paper

Perfect ecological paper business cards, Treviolo color recycled paper print on 1 side or front and back.
Choose whether in Coated FSC, Splendorgel *, 350 g recycled 100% paper or precious special papers.

Dry embossed printing of your logo on 1 side of the card only.
And if you need assistance or advice, contact us now! We're at your service.

  • single-sided or f / r printing
  • purchasable with CMYK printing
  • possibility to print multiple graphic subjects with a single order (set)
  • starting from 100 pieces

* The type of splendoregel extra white paper, of 340 grams, has a smooth and velvety surface, with a high degree of whiteness and is FSC certified.
By choosing it, you will create original and elegant business cards, without sacrificing high print quality.


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